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2013 Stryker
Reviewer: Anonymous
From: Meridian , Idaho, United States
Date: 03/04/2013
Rider Height: 6' 0"
Rider Weight: 225
Miles/Hours: 4000 miles
Overall Rating:
Specs: Roseville Yamaha Kawasaki Polaris Specs
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Amazing & Incredible!

This bike is incredible. I went from an R6 up to this beast of a Stryker. I thought the handling would be so much worse but really it just glides into and through corners. Once you get a custom exhaust, intake and chip, the bike can finally open up and show you what it really has. The comfort of the bike blew me away. Comfort and speed!? (It topped out at around 128 though). The curb appeal of this bike is drastic; the amount of complements is never ending. Everyone that I've let ride it has just been amazed. "If I ever were to go from a sport bike to a cruiser it would be that bike" has been said more than a few times. It was an excellent purchase.

Upgrades/Accessories:  Cobra Swept Exhaust, Cobra Scoop Intake and Cobra Fi2000 chip.

Write your own Review of this Vehicle!

Amazing & Incredible!

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