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2004 Zuma
Reviewer: Bryan D.
From: Pensacola, Florida, United States
Date: 04/14/2004
Rider Height: 6' 3"
Rider Weight: 165
Miles/Hours: 120 miles
Overall Rating:
Specs: Roseville Yamaha Kawasaki Polaris Specs
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Hot bike with performance.

I had a friend with a 99 Zuma, and every chance I got I was riding his. I got comfortable with how it handled, and wanted one of my own. I now have a 2004 Yamaha Zuma in red. I couldnít be more pleased. This little scooter does fine even in major traffic. I ride mine to work each morning. Itís like a giant stress reliever. It is also very fun to race these bikes (on a closed track, of course). They will corner and lean like a sportbike. This bike has superior performance to other scooters I have ridden. The motor is strong, and durable. I give Yamaha a big thumbs up for the wide tires. Due to the wide tires, and good loading of the bike, you can really lean this bike on edge without losing traction. Try this on another scooter, and you will get some severe road rash. Mine tops out at 45 on level ground and thatís stock. The scoot has a large storage under the seat that can easily hold an extra helmet, quart of oil, Manual, papers, and a rain jacket with room to spare. The seat is super comfortable and padded enough for long distance riding. The controls are very easy to manipulate, and the front brake is VERY impressive due to being a disk brake. This bike is FUN to ride. I encourage everyone to try it out; I have yet to meet one person that rode one that didnít have a fun time. It is a perfect first bike, allowing you to get the performance you need to keep up with traffic, without having too much power for a beginner. The gas mileage on this bike is incredible. I am getting 75 miles to the gallon, and the bike will probably pay for itself with the money you save in gas. The bike not only performs great, but looks great too. You canít ride one without being noticed, and I've had countless amounts of people ask all kinds of different questions. The fit and finish of the bike is superb, and it has clean lines throughout. My favorite part is the upswept tail that gives it that sportbike look from the rear. I only have two complaints: 1. I wish the speedometer went above 40, as the bike certainly will. 2. Where are all the accessories? How about a bag for the luggage rack, or better yet... a lockable trunk that mounts on the rack.

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